It's fun to play in the dirt!

Organic Gardening Resources I love...

Gardeners Supply Company- Great products, helpful tips, design and layout tutorials and much more

Organic Gardening- great resource for growing healthy pesticide-free gardens, recipes and links to gardening blogs

Mother Earth News- website about green gardening and all about green living

Seeds of Change- great for buying 100% organic seeds online

Eat Wild- love this site for finding pasture raised grass-fed beef and dairy products in your area (United States and Canada)

Local Harvest- is a great site for finding farmer's markets, CSA subscriptions, family farms and other sources of ethically produced products in your area.  It's great to support your local economy!

Destiny Organics-A certified organic food distributor in Georgia

Walter Reeves- the brilliant master gardener for deep south gardening

My raised garden beds (a.k.a "my sanity retreat")....

Helpful guides to get you started:


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